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Cats and the Science of Doing Weird Things

Why do cats run from room to room at top speeds or hide in boxes/under the bed to until they can attack your ankles? Why do cats paw around their food bowl once they have finished eating what they want? Why cats, why?

So, I’ve been doing some research on why cats paw around their food bowl and run from room to room at top speeds. One article written by PamĀ  Johnson-Bennett states that cats do this due to their natural instincts. As we all very well know, cats can never be fully tamed, they are mini Lions. Some big cats in the wild will bury their food under bushes to keep others from finding it and to save it for later. Cats, even though they may not have ever been in the wild, may still do this. It is very common for a cat to “bury” it’s food, but not all cats do.

Cats hide from, and attack your ankles for the same reason. No, not that they are trying to bury their food, but because they are play hunting. Cats are hunting your ankles. If you go to the Big Cat Rescue website or YouTube, you will see that Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, ext, also like cardboard boxes. Again, not all cats do this, but if you have a young cat or a half-feral cat, they are most likely to try to kill your ankles. You can try to train your cat not to, but you might not succeed.

There are multiple things cats do that cannot be explained by science, but some things can. Stay tuned next week for more blogs! See you later marshmallow bunnies!


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