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Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cats are like the weiner dogs of the cats. They have short, cubby legs and the body size of a regular cat. When getting a cat, there are many things you have to take into account. If you are considering getting a munchkin cat, there are somethings you need to know.

According to AnimalPlanet’s Cat 101 , the munchkin cat is like a ferret. They are fast and agile. They are full of energy, love to play, and love attention.

While many dogs with the short leg gene will have back problems, it is rare for a munchkin to have these kinds of problems. The most common back problem in munchkins is lordosis, the fancy way of saying that the spine dips right in front of the shoulder blades, pressing on the organs in that area, and may cause the cat to have a hard time breathing‚Äčor give it cardiac distress. Sometimes it is worse and as the lungs and heart grow, it can become deadly.

Munchkin cats are relatively healthy, but like all cats, need groomed regularly. Every other day is good for short haired cats, but long haired cats should be brushed every day. They tend to get along with everyone and may grow to be comfortable around dogs, although you should see if it likes your dog and your dog likes it before you adopt it.

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