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Ragdoll Cat

Hey Marshmallow Bunnies! Sorry that I’ve been gone for a while. School started and I kinda forgot that I had a blog to update, but I found a really cool couple of websites on Ragdoll cats while researching for a speech on cats that I have to give at school. These are the websites I used : 1     2

Ragdolls are originally from the United States and love to be held. They were given their name because they go limp like a rag doll when held, but they tend to be pretty heavy, so you need to support them with both hands. The males can get to be 20 pounds and the females can be 10-15 pounds or more. Their life span is from 12-15 years and they reach maturity at 4 years of age. Ragdolls have long hair and should be brushed accordantly.

Other than that, they’re like normal cats, from what I know. If you want to know more, do some research and comment what you find, but make sure to add the link. See ya later Marshmallow Bunnies!



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