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Hello Marshmallow Bunnies! It’s been a while! I had gone to Michigan about a month ago and then I went to Indiana this week. That was fun. Overall, it’s been a good summer. I spent most of it in my room, but that’s okay, I guess. It’s a short post this week, but I don’t […]


Heyy My Dudes

Hello Marshmallow Bunnies!! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I had a GREAT time on mission trip; I got to clean out a Snowy Owl exhibit and plant flowers for three days in a row. I got to go to Six Flags recently and I got to go on a movie date. (<3) All of […]


Writing Prompts

Hello Marshmallow Bunnies! As you know, I love writing. Why else would I run a blog? I love to write, so I follow writing.prompt.s on Instagram. (please look them up and follow them, I love their prompts) I’m not that good at coming up with stories and writing them down, but if you want me […]


Crafts4Cats Is Back!!!

It’s summer now, and we know what that means! It’s hot, humid, and Crafts4Cats is back to the farmers market! Hellooooo Marshmallow Bunnies! I know that I’ve been gone for a long time, but now that school is out, I should be able to post more often (not next week though, I’m going on mission […]


Hey guys, sorry.

Hey guys, sorry. I’ve been busy and forgot/put off wrighting a new post. So here’s a rundown of what’s been going down, you know,  if anyone actually reads these posts. Haha. So, the farmer’s market is over, it has been for two and a half months now. I’ve been in eighth grade and I have […]