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New Thingie I Added To Make This Blog Better!!!!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! *cOUGh COugH – SoUnds FAkE* I’m SO EXCITED about my new plugin that I just added that might just make my blog better! It’s a social media sharing-thing! To use it, you click on the post that you want to share, click on one of the buttons, and click share/other-button-that-does-the-same-thing.

The top button is the printer button, then comes the Facebook button, the Twitter button, the Email button, and the more options button. The more options button gives more places to share the post on!

I also added a subscription button. I tried it out with my mom’s email and it’s pretty self explanatory. Just do what it tells you to do.

Now, you nice Marshmallow Bunnies probably already knew all of this, but I had to talk about it, you know, just in case. You never know. Well, that’s all for today! See ya later Marshmallow Bunnies!



  1. Mark Johnson says:

    Very cool. I will subscribe.

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