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Charlottesville, Virginia

Hey marshmallow bunnies, I’ve have a pretty upsetting story to tell you, and you’ve probably heard about it already. I heard about it from my dad the day after it happened. If you don’t want to read this one, I will be having another blog post this week. If you want more details on this subject, go on Facebook or Google and look up “Charlottesville, Virginia”.

On this past Saturday, white supremacists we’re having a rally. When protesters came, one Nazi got into his car and proceeded to drive into the group. He injured nine of the protesters and killed a 32 year old woman named Heather. Another group beat a black man with poles in a parking garage. 

From what I’ve got gathered, the protesters were being peaceful, the Nazis were not. I believe that the Nazis should have died off a long time ago. It’s stupid that we still have to fight for/against this kind of stuff. 

It’s the 21st century, we should be past the things that happened in the 20th century and before. The U.S. just passed gay marriage, why can’t we accept that we are all different. Nothing is going to change that. We might as well get to accepting it before we destory everything we’ve worked for as a country. 

Quick science lesson: Melanin is a natural chemical in your skin that causes you to have darker skin. Freckles are when you have an over abundance of Melanin in one tiny spot. 

Melanin also helps protect your skin from the sun, the more you have, the safer your skin is from the sun. It is also what gives people tans and sun spots. You know what Melanin also does? It gives black people their dark skin. Because their family originally came from places like Africa, places with lots of sun and heat, mother nature just gave their skin more Melanin to help protect their skin.

Using the quick science lesson facts, we now know that some people have darker skin because of science and where their family came from. Saying that white people are better than black people because of their skin tone is like saying that red-heads have no soles, which, as my mom would tell you, was actually believed once opon a time. Now, we know that is stupid.

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